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In the 21st Century it is now possible, with only basic computer skills and no formal presentations training, for anyone to produce a passable slide presentation. Click on the icon that opens the software, type in a title and “presto” the program does the rest. Unfortunately, in the 21st Century “passable” has become a synonym for inadequate.

Presentations training from is designed to help you soar above “passable” and communicate with your audience in a way that will keep them engaged, inspired and motivated to act on your message.


“Knowledgeable, patient, and committed to helping others learn, Patrick engages his learners to create clear, precise messages that resonate. Participant feedback rates Patrick as an excellent facilitator.”

Cate Walker-Hammond,   University of Toronto – Organizational Development and Learning Centre (ODLC)


Presentations training from will get you rave reviews.

With clear, precise directions on how to create effective presentations you’ll come away knowing what a 21st Century audience expects. In no time at all you’ll be generating cohesive, impactful, and entertaining presentations. In today’s business environment the ability to effectively communicate your message is a pathway to success.

Maybe you have a team that produces your presentations for you; it’s still your reputation that’s on the line once you stand up before an audience. How can you be sure your team is providing you with a winning product? By taking presentations training from you’ll have the tools necessary to ensure that your team is providing you with an audience-inspiring presentation each and every time.

Presentations training will prepare you for those confidential board meetings or last-minute presentations you have to create on the go while your team sleeps soundly, halfway around the world.

The presentations training system covers all the bases. Armed with an action plan that follows this logical, systematic protocol you will, in a short period of time, be able to adopt the process to suit your individual needs.

Our easy-to follow, streamlined presentations-building template represents the natural steps that one normally follows during the creative process. You’ll be able to duplicate effective results each and every time you prepare a presentation.

Our systematic approach to presentations training will place your entire team on the same page, saving your organization countless hours of unproductive floundering that keep you from meeting your deadlines.

Take advantage of our presentations training experience, from planning curricula, to designing manuals, to facilitating workshops.  Let us find the solution best suited to your needs. offers six presentations training workshops

Choose from one of our seven stand-alone modules or create your own curricula by combining several seminars into your own customized course that is tailored to address your specific needs…. Or, attend our 2-day Presentations Boot Camp.

Here a list of our workshops:

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