The Art of Slide Presentation Design

Gain the skills and confidence needed to design and create a presentation that conveys your message in a consistent, clear, concise and compelling manner.


Slide Presentation Design


Many presenters make the mistake of thinking slide presentation design is all about dazzling their audience and overwhelming their senses with awe-inspiring graphics.

In actuality, the real purpose of a well-designed slide-show is to establish a consistent motif throughout the presentation and maintain that theme so that there is nothing to distract the audience from the presenter’s core message.

After attending this interactive, hands-on workshop you will know how to:

  • Match your font styles to your message.
  • Coordinate colour to attain a clean, professional look.
  • Create consistent themes through images and graphics.
  • Achieve visual balance through effective layout and use of space.
  • Reinforce your visual narrative through the selective use of animations.


“This workshop is extremely valuable for anyone who faces the ongoing challenges of creating presentations that are insightful, inspiring, and interesting for their audience. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about presentation design, I bet you will learn something new. Well worth the time and financial investment! Two thumbs up!”

Michelle Warren, President at MW Research & Consulting


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