Portfolio: Presentation Examples

Please check out these presentation examples from our Portfolio

At Sliding.ca we create two different types of slide presentations.

We create presenter-dependent presentations, such as Sales-Pitch or Educational presentations. The function of a presenter-dependent slide presentation is to act as a visual aid that supports the presenter’s message and focuses attention on important points being made by the presenter. Well-designed presenter-dependent presentations (presentation examples 1, and 4 to 10) never compete with the presenter and are often hard to follow without the input of the presenter.

We also create stand-alone presentations (presentation examples 2 and 3), such as Kiosk or Website presentations, which deliver information to the viewer without the accompaniment of a presenter.

Here are 11 presentation examples from our portfolio:

1. Inspiring an audience.  This is a presentation we created for a financial guru, Larry Bates.


2. Make-over.  This is an exert from a presentation we created for an expert in complexity.  We used this slide to provide the client with an example of the transformation we could bring to his presentations.  The first slide on this example is the one our client was using; the three that follow are the slides we suggested he use instead.


3. Kiosk.  This is a kiosk presentation that we put together for a not-for-profit organization (ONE) that is building, much needed, elementary schools in India and Kenya.


4. Website. This short presentation was created for the website of a manual-shift driver training company (Shifters.ca) operating in Toronto, Ontario.


5. Report.  This presentation was for a report on a project for the First Lady of the Dominican Republic.


6. Pitch.  This presentation was for a pitch to potential investors for a project involving the production and marketing of Spirulina in Dominican Republic.


7. Case study.  This presentation illustrates how much money can be lost when a presentation is not effective.


8. Training.  This is a presentation created to illustrate/teach the QUEST sales technique. With QUEST, sales can be a work of art and begins with changing a person’s perspective towards the sales process. That’s why we chose to use the paintings of Monet as the theme for the presentation.


9. Education.  This presentation was created to promote safe procedures for the year-end haul out process at the Highland Yacht Club in Scarborough, Ontario.


10. Celebration.  This presentation was requested by Toastmasters District 60 for their 2013 Fall Conference celebration of the District’s history.


11. Training.  We created this presentation to explain the steps required to successfully start a new Toastmasters club.


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