Presenting Data

Inspire your audience when presenting data!


Presenting data


Learn the skills required to overcome a presenter’s greatest challenge and present data in a way that not only informs your audience but motivates them to act on your message.

You will learn how to:

  • Select the mode of visual representation that best suits the data being presented.
  • Design each element of the data representation in a way that conveys the information in a precise and persuasive manner.
  • Maintain a connection with the audience and inspire them to act on the information presented.


“I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has to present data as part of their job. The session was filled with excellent information and I already feel a lot more confident when I present at work. Thank you for a really enjoyable experience.”

Carolina Almonte,  Scotiabank – Manager Learning & Development Core Programs.


Presenting data to your audience is one of the most daunting challenges a presenter has to face. The desire to fully inform your audience and leave them in full possession of all the data relevant to your presentation is a hard one to resist. We think to ourselves “once they have all the facts in front of them my audience has no choice but to agree with my position.” Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.  Audiences have a limited attention span and there is a strict limit to the amount of information they can process before losing focus. Once you surpass that limit they stop listening.

During our Presenting Data workshop you will learn how to take advantage of the various modes of visual representation available to you in order to deliver your information in a manner that makes it easier for your audience to understand and fully digest. The Presenting Data workshop will also teach you how to avoid many of the pitfalls that arise when data has to be included in your presentation.

All too often the most important data in a presentation gets lost among all the other less important numbers and statistics in the data set. During our Presenting Data workshop you will learn how to prioritize your information and make sure the data that best reflects your message and persuades your audience to act stands out from all the rest.

One of the greatest difficulties faced by a presenter is maintaining that all important connection with the audience while presenting their data. During the Presenting Data workshop you will learn how to present your data, deliver your core message and still maintain that all important connection. As you deliver your presentation your audience will not only understand your data, they will be receptive to your message and also feel inspired to act on that message.

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