Presentation Resources

Presentation resources are all around us; here are some of the places we go for help and information.


Our favourite presentation remotes; no-fuzz-easy-to-feel-and-find buttons and a great value.

Kensington K72353CA




Nancy Duarte’s amazing books; probably the best set of presentation resources available. Visit Duarte Design’s website



Find great  concepts, advice and examples for your presentations in Garr Reynolds’ books and website



Stephen Few has a practical approach to data presentation.  He will help you put the theory into practice.



The father of modern data presentation, all Edward Tufte’s books will be a welcome addition to your library of presentation resources.



If Stephen Few and Edward Tufte are “a bit too much,” this is a great, easy-to-read, one-stop book on data visualization.


The late Steve Jobs is arguably one of the finest presenters of the century; and Carmine Gallo probably wrote the best book about his presentation secrets.


If your ideas are not sticky enough check out this exceptional book:


Understanding how you and your audiences’ brain works will help tremendously to make your presentations more effective. This is a must read and will really contribute to your presentation resources.  Dr. Medina is a genius.


Colour could be a tricky subject; this is a very simple and straightforward book to explain colour matching and its symbolism:


Colour tools

Unsure about colour?  This service is extremely helpful: Kuler


Public Speaking

Your public speaking skills need  to be polished?  Toastmasters International