About Us

Sliding napkinOur guiding principle…
To help others to raise their potential through improved communication skills.


Sliding.ca is the brainchild of friends who share a passion for public speaking.  Two years after meeting through our local Toastmasters club, we were sitting down together at our favourite coffee shop (The Yellow Cup Cafe) when the conversation turned to goals and dreams.

As we began expressing surprisingly similar visions for our future, it was decided we would investigate the possibility of working together and helping each other to realize those dreams.  At the next Yellow Cup Cafe meeting, we began formulating a game plan (literally on a napkin) for what would eventually become Sliding.ca.

By combining life experience with our various backgrounds in teaching and training we recognized what we had before us was the kernel of a unique approach to an age-old question:

What does it take to create a presentation the audience will remember long after the show is over?

After much revising, rewriting, refining and reorganizing we believe we have the answer to that question… and we want to share it with you.

Please contact us at: info@Sliding.ca