Presentation Design

Motivate and inspire your audience with clear, concise, and compelling presentation design

Bring us your idea, message, or presentation, and we will help you.

– At the idea stage… we will help you to formulate a powerful core message and create a presentation design that effectively communicates that message to your target audience.

– A work in progress… we will help you to craft your message into an effective, memorable and results-driven presentation design.

– A completed project… we will review it and, through positive, constructive feedback, help you to make it an even more impactful and effective presentation design.


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At we understand the demands placed on both employers and employees in our increasingly competitive 21st Century business environment. In order to accommodate your needs and the needs of your employees we will work with you to create a presentation that enhances your corporate image, delivers your message in a clear, concise and compelling fashion, and inspires your audience to act on your message.


“After utilizing the services of Gerardo from, I was able to impress a new client with a fresh, & creative presentation, using slide presentation design in a way that didn’t over-burden viewers with “too much information”. The feedback I received indicated that the suggested presentation design elements added to my presentation and enhanced it without it being the entire focus of what I was aiming to communicate. I highly recommend the services of to anyone who desires to make a lasting and memorable impression.”

Vicky Moskowitz, DTM, D60 LGET, Lieutenant Governor of Education & Training at Toastmasters District 60 – Toronto


In today’s hectic business environment you may not have the time to design your own presentations. At we can handle the creation and design of your presentation for you leaving you to use your time more productively. We do this by focusing on the following areas:

Production: We will create a presentation for you that will be professional, effective and -most important of all- memorable. We can also help you with your delivery and the technical aspects of projection equipment, room and sound.

Analysis: Do you wish your presentation had more “kick?” We will thoroughly examine your presentation and provide you with clear, concise and effective recommendations on how to improve your presentation and make it more memorable and entertaining.

Reconstruction. If you’re under time constraints or your schedule doesn’t permit you to implement changes yourself, we will help you to reconstruct your presentation. Following a thorough analysis of your presentation, we will offer our recommendations, listen to your feedback and then implement the changes required to improve your presentation.

Templates: An effective way to create a unified, professional look throughout all your presentations is through the use of templates. Our team of designers will create fresh, dynamic, impactful and professional templates that establish a stronger presence in the marketplace and within your corporation.

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