The 3G Method

Whether you are new to public speaking or a seasoned communicator, our 3G Method will help you to more confidently and effectively deliver a clear, concise, compelling message to any audience, anywhere, anytime.

The 3G Method is of particular value to those for whom speaking in public is not a part of their daily lives, or to those who have been tasked with communicating a message with little time for preparation.

Whether we are providing you with coaching services or you are attending a 3G Method seminar or workshop you will learn what it takes to:

  1. Create a message that your audience will find interesting and of value, and that you will feel proud to stand up and deliver.
  2. Deliver that message in a manner that encourages acceptance by your audience, and that they will listen to, remember, and embrace long after you finish your presentation.
  3. Internalize and practice a simple but powerful technique that will help you to dramatically improve your connection with whoever you are speaking with.